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La safi.
Thursday, April 4, 2013

a big kiss for universe because of my sleep tight under the ocean for a long long time. should we try to speak out bout our 3months backward ? I am growing up very well and thanks God for that. met one people , two, three, four and sharing about ours each other. I know now why we must always thankfull for our life , happy or not , sattisfied or unsattisfied, pretty or ugly, smart or not smart (nobody stupid) cause its a relative. I realized nowadays people, prefer to read a book by its cover than the meanings and sometimes I a stuck on it but I am always set my mind to think that everything happen for reason. sorry, she has been work as a streetwalker for a ten years, bla bla, the bad , just happen of something made it must. my curiosity is my guard anyway. from the bad, we can get the good side as always God teach us to thankfull . keep moving forward lily~
Brad Paisley - Then