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La safi.
baby blue
Saturday, October 20, 2012

yoooo fellas. hows your day ? I hope you ate fish for your lunch skouuuut :D. I  passed my 19th and got a new baby blue which a gift from (we called it 'pura-pura gembel' inspired by 'perahu kertas' but still confuse to decide the radar hmm :|  ) and tadaaaaaaaahhhhh

yummy ! guess what ! a main course ? noooooo  it's my umpteenth brain . I'm full full and full with this chick one, I got one brain every one book except hmmmmm dorland and the family hahahaha I remember two days before the birthday siti asked me what a great book because she was on gramed and want to read some. I suggested her antologi rasa and the chick but why they choose it not both ? :D no exception for all series of chicken soup for my soul because it's all amazing. you have a problems and you must fight, you have a story and you must tell and people learn from how you do it. this book makes me wonder why I have such a difficult time changing my life and finding true happiness. It seems so easy to these people. If you lower your expectations, feel free to read this book, you'll find a few gems. 
again, big big and big thanks for my 'gembel gembel' out there endah,menik,siti,shifa,witri,friska,devi and dian. thanks for complete my day the past year, thanks for the joke, thanks for the smile , thanks for the help, especially for my siti and my endah ( damn you crazy girl ! ) I could really really use one of those long, meaningful hugs. So just as my life starts to get to the pinnacle of single and boring, the universe throws me another curve ball. but they, a little, people actually confuse nor didn't understand what we are talk about, what we are think about , what we are love about. think simple oh  sometimes out of our mind and full of imaginations. stranger, we do ! genius, we are. lope lope in air gembelerssss :*


ended up I also recommended for you all THE NOT SO AMAZING LIFE OF @aMrazing by Alexander Thian
the book is the yellow and please ignore some below -_- its about "ko alex" and his customers in a mobile counter illustrated with a variety of characters. read and realized which one is your face :) by the way you can dance ? you are a bathroom singer ? you like bolywood and dangdut ? not a diet ?
ahaaaaa come in and join us :D

ps: sorry for my english :D and if you have a recommended book please contact me on twitter

keep smile smile fellaaaaaaaaas 
kecup kecup ringan aw