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La safi.
rachel & nicole
Wednesday, September 26, 2012

look ! how cute they are ! damn ! I love them whoaaaaa
Rachel and Nicole are sisters by blood and on good days, by choice.
Rachel believes in the power of pink while Nicole believes in the power of, well, anything but pink.
Nicole has no sense of direction whatsoever and Rachel can never understand why she's so oblivious to her surroundings. They do have common grounds however,  food, photography, style and fashion.
Rachel & Nicole currently reside in New York City. 
totally inspiring blog chock full of visually striking content. Named one of the top 100 blogs byVogue, Rachel et Nicole, consists of outfit posts and tales from their lives, attending fashion parties and runway shows while also majoring in computer science, but mostly the blog contains editorials completely styled and shot by the girls. and the shocked one is they came from INDONESIA. ha!