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La safi.
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

yes, i’m always talking your head off, i’m a total drama queen, i’m extremely demanding, constantly moody and additionally i’m like soooooo complicated whereas men are straightforward and uncomplicated…
HAHA never laughed so hard in my life 
some people need to dance out, others need to talk it out, some people need sing it out, i need to do all of these and CRY IT OUT !
You say one thing, but do another. You piss me off, but I’m still right here.
You hurt me, make me cry, but I’m still right here. You’re oblivious to how you really make me feel.
..but you know all the right things to say, at just the right times. You’ve messed with my head countless times, and played with my heart strings too. If you think this is a game you’re sadly mistaken. I don’t want to lose anymore, it’s not fair. Because I don’t want to hurt anymore. but I guarantee I’ll fall again, like I always do. You’ve got me wrapped around your fingerjust as long as I’m the only one. I dont know.
I dont want it to be like this. I hate the way you’ve made me feel And i’m sick of pretending that it doesn’t hurt me. Because…It really does :):( I know that's my fault.... yes I am sooo so so so sorry, everything just got the best of me. I’m selfish, childish,  moody, and stupid and I hate myself . All I need is time. Time to think, time to be something, time to re-find myself, I barely know who I am as a person anymore. If I even am considered a person. I’m the biggest piece of shit in the world for doing this to you again, I’M SO SORRY.