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La safi.
galaooo ƪ(˚▽˚)ʃ
Saturday, September 24, 2011

I’m 17 years old.
I’ve never had a boyfriend.
I’ve never done anything else.
I’ve never had a date.
I’ve never told anyone I loved them in that way.
I’m still awaiting the day when a boy spends an entire night with me.
I love snuggling more than anything.
I miss holding anyone close.
I’m so lonely. Always.
I’m surrounded by couples and it’s killer.


I’ve been replaced all my life when I don’t work out well enough for them.
I hate not having phone calls to answer each day, asking how I am.
And that’s just a little of what’s playing on my mind.
I’m so very over being single. It’s no fun at all.
It’s Saturday and here I am… Alone,
It would be ok if it was like every now and then. But come on! Every fucking single weekend!?